Lawn Care


Welcome to Spray Service and Fertilizer Application Page. Do you want your yard to look like a tournament ready golf course? Or do you want just enough done to keep your HOA and neighbors happy? Gopher offers the highest level of service and everything in between. Spraying and fertilizing are just two parts in the equation to a perfect lawn and landscape. What sets our spraying service apart from the competition?

  • Most Importantly, Gopher Irrigation has two professionals that are commercially licensed by Colorado's Department of Agriculture, to buy and apply pesticides safely and legally at your home or business.
  • We use Integrated Pest Management (IPM) as a filter to determine the proper form of action. IPM is an informative sustainable way to manage pest and plants by combining cultural, biological, physical, and chemical tactics to reduce environmental, economic, and health issues.
  • 4 Advantages of Practicing IPM
    -Cost Beneficial: Offers analysis to the most economical way to approach plant health.
    -Environmental: Usually reduces total pesticide use.
    -Public Relations: Documents complex science based decisions to manage plants.
    -Professionalism: It's an organized planned approach to respond to risk.
  • Holistic Approach: We focus on plant health management and take into consideration the whole ecosystem and not just the pest.
  • Slow is Pro: We are detailed and precise in all pesticide applications, while taking our time to ensure weeds are not missed. The task at hand will be completed as fast as possible while maintaining accuracy and precision.
  • Spot Spraying: Cost effectiveness and environmental sustainability is always our goal. We spot spray weeds vs. blanket spray wherever applicable.


Gopher's Chemicals

Gopher Irrigation and Landscaping offers the highest quality pesticides in terms of efficacy and cost effectiveness. Most of our products are staples to the golf course industry and can be offered to you as well.


SpeedZone: contains an advanced chemistry for broadleaf weed control in turf. The mode of action inhibits a key enzyme in chlorophyll production. This causes cell membranes to rupture and rapidly disintegrate within hours. Weed death can occur within 7 to 14 days.

Round Up: Is effective in killing a wide variety of plants, including grasses and broadleaf and woody plants. Roundup is one of the safest weed killers available when it's used correctly. One of the reasons for this is because Roundup deactivates upon contact with soil and is degraded by micro organisms.

Snapshot: Is a specialty pre-emergent herbicide that works around the clock for up to six to eight months to keep landscapes and container- and field-grown nursery ornamentals weed-free. It controls or suppresses more than 125 broadleaf weeds and annual grasses and can be used over the top of more than 635 labeled ornamentals.


AlfaLawn II: We use this product for all of our spring and summer applications. AlphaLawn II plus Iron is an organic fertilizer manufactured in Colorado for the soils of the Rocky Mountain States. It has the highest organic matter content of any fertilizer on the market with a homogenous nutrient balance, without the non-essential elements of some fertilizers. AlphaLawn II provides the plant ready nutrients in a natural time release for an extended availability for the turf. The AlphaLawn II formulation enables a uniform leaf growth without the typical lush growth. AlphaLawn II will condition the soil, loosen compacted soils, and deepen and strengthen the root system. We use this product for all of our spring and summer applications.

Pro Rich Winterizer: We use this product for all fall / winter applications.  Pro-Rich Professional Formula Winterizer is made in Colorado and is designed for use in the western United States. It is formulated for unpredictable winter conditions, stressful winter drying, windy conditions, and fluctuating temperatures. The benefits of using this fertilizer in the fall are: Improves soil structure, increases root growth, provides fall greening and early spring green-up, aids in reducing thatch, helps reduce weeds in your lawn, assist in balancing pH, reduced watering requirements.