irrigation systems

About Our Irrigation Systems

We use the highest quality irrigation parts, plants and landscaping supplies to give the customer the best landscape possible.

The quality of our irrigation systems will not be surpassed.  Here are a few examples of what we install as standard equipment.  What makes Gophers systems stand above the competition? Let us take a look.

Let's start from your tap and work to the sprinkler head:

1. Backflow Installation. Make sure you follow your local code!

  • Unions are installed on both sides of the backflow preventer so the backflow can be easily removed and serviced.

2. Mainline

All of our mainline is Schedule 40 PVC.  No poly mainline or thin walled class 200 here at Gopher Irrigation.

    • Class 200 is brittle and cracks easy.
    • Poly mainline tends to leak over time.

3. All fittings are glued. No rubber gaskets to wear out or leak down the road.

4. Swing Joints
“ This is NOT funny pipe assemblies!

    • Swing joints are double jointed to fit all grades.  Funny pipe assemblies are not.
    • Swing Joints are prefabricated and pressure fitted at the Hunter factory.  Funny pipe fittings are not.
    • Swing joints are made to specific lengths 6" or 12" in length. Funny pipe installers cut their funny pipe to the most convenient length with no regard to maintenance in the future.  Funny pipe fittings could be 12" or 12', who knows, this makes it almost impossible knowing where your lateral lines are.  Gopher sticks to 6" or 12" swing joints making it easy to maintenance your system and understanding where your lateral lines are.
    • Swing joints swing in 4 different jointed areas, making it easy to custom fit any trench, slope or curvature without kinking your pipe resulting in no to low flow to your heads. Funny pipe is notorious for improper installation and kinking thus resulting in leaks due to failing connections.
    • Gopher ALWAYS installs Hunter swing joints.

5. Valve Boxes Our valve boxes are custom cut to fit and manifold type installed.  No homemade valve boxes at Gopher.

We use Carson or Amtek valve boxes.  We install the proper size.  Let me explain that - We do NOT cram our valves into the smallest valve box available at the cheapest price.  At Gopher, we know that homeowners may need to access their valve boxes for repair or seasonal inspection.  When you need to access your valve boxes, Gopher makes sure that you can easily see and access any valve in that particular valve box for repair or inspection.

6. Electrical Connections. Gopher does NOT use general purpose wire nuts.

We use the 3MT Scotchlok T 316IR Electrical IDCs to electrically connect two or three wire ends, it insulates the connection and provides a moisture resistant seal.

7. Valves.  No hardware store bought valves at Gopher.  We use Rainbird DV Valves. The industry leader in electric valve technology.

If you have dirty water, not to worry.Gopher installs the BEST valves for this application.  The Rainbird Scrubber valve.  This valve is specifically designed for dirty water applications.

8. Oetiker connections.  We use Oetikers crimp connections on all of our lateral line poly connections. No screw clamps to rust out and loosen over time.

9. Clocks. Hunter Pro

There has never been a residential and light commercial controller so remarkably easy to handle as this. Presenting the new Hunter Pro-C Controller. Borrowing the innovative concept of modular design from its big brother, the ICC, this latest addition to the Hunter product line-up is destined to become the leading controller in its market segment in the years to come. Starting with a base model of 3 stations, it is possible to expand the controller up to 12 stations simply by adding plug-in modules. With its ability to customize to the particular size you need, the Pro-C will always be the right choice. With great features such as three programs with multiple start times, independent day scheduling options, one touch manual start and rapid advance, a programmable event day off, robust heavy-duty locking plastic cabinet, and superior surge protection. The Pro-C controller: delivering maximum flexibility for landscapes that require a minimal number of stations.

A few more Gopher advantages:

  • Superior back-filling. Careful inspection of backfilling so no lines will be crushed by rocks. You can't see your backfilling if you use a pipe puller.
  • Evenly trenched depths.  All of our trenching is consistent.  You don't have to worry about hitting lines with a lawn aerator with Gopher trenches.
  • Level Heads and Valve Boxes.  Inspect them yourself - our heads and valve boxes are installed to proper depth and leveled to grade. You won't be hitting our heads and valve boxes with your lawn mower.