Winter Services

winter services


Gopher Irrigation and Landscaping offers full service plowing and shoveling for commercial or residential clients. We believe we are hands down, the best snow plow company in the valley. Seeing is believing, give us the chance and you wont be disappointed. Our crew consists of five seasoned plow truck drivers and a team of dedicated shovelers who get down right excited when the snow starts falling. Most of the Gopher team has moved here from all parts of the country to live and work in these majestic mountains.  We love being out in the storms and feel proud to be making the streets and driveways of our community safe and sound. Unfortunately, we don't get to enjoy too many powder days, but we ensure that your streets will be clear and clean so you can!

Gophers Plow Fleet: Key Word: Versatile!

  • 5 Chevy pickup trucks: With 3 strait plows and 2 V-plows. The V-plows are excellent around driveways and cars to ensure clean edges without getting plowed in. They also expedite the deepest / heaviest of snowfalls which saves us time and you money!
  • 1 Jeep Wrangler: Speed and Quality is our goal in all snow plow events. There are a lot of properties that have tight spaces or cars parked EVERYWHERE. The small Jeep Wrangler can do the work of 20 shovelers in tight places! Certain properties would take twice as long using a large plow truck and a team of shovelers. Once again, Gopher is always looking to be versatile in our snow plow tactics, which saves us time and you money!
  • 3 Sanders: Sometimes doing a perfect plow just isn't enough and the roads remain slick and unsafe. Gopher is equipped to sand / gravel steep grades or slick streets on any property, no matter how big or how small.

Gophers Shovel Team: Key Word: Dedicated!

  • 3 Types of Shovels: We always utilize the best tool for the task at hand to ensure speed and efficiency with different types of snowfall. Scoop shovels will be used for heavy wet snowfalls or snowfalls greater than 6 inches. Plow shovels are used for snowfalls 1-5 inches. Backpack Blowers??? Powder snow and dustings don't stand a chance against our blowers. We are fast and detailed from the beginning to the end of every storm.
  • Snow & Ice Melt: High traffic areas such as mail boxes or entry ways that need to remain safe at all times are a good candidates for snow and ice melt. We use a 100% soluble  - friendly to nature - formulation that will meet your needs.
  • Ice Management: Colorado weather is unpredictable at best. Freezing and thawing of snow banks and edges will always occur at some point during the winter. We are equipped to meet these needs, weather it be hand picking ice around drains or bringing in a skid steer to re-locate snow banks.

Attention all Property Managers and Homeowners!

Gopher understands that snow maintenance expectations can be very different from property to property. We are extremely flexible in all of our services. Just give us a call, let us know what you want and don't want. We guarantee your expectations will be met, if not exceeded, while staying within your budget. LET IT SNOW! WE LOVE IT!